Facts about German Cuckoo Clocks

The origin of cuckoo clock is uncertain. However, some descriptions go back to the 17th century. Such reports are evident in the writings of Philip Hainhofer in 1629 and Athanasius Kircher in 1650. The most elaborate origin points to the Black Forest regions of Germany, known as the Schwarzwald.

The first designs depicted the hunting lifestyle with wildlife and hunting communities being the common themes. Cuckoo clocks were designed from carefully crafted wood carvings with various decorations. The modern-day cuckoo clocks feature with simple carvings with minimal aesthetics.

The Company and its namesake, August Schwer, have become synonymous with quality clock design. Founded in 1885, the company is known the world over for its high level clocks, award-winning designs, and over all “Black Forest” feel.

The company itself was founded in Schonach and its factory now stands in Schönwald. For the clock masters at August Schwer the attention to detail is of utmost importance. Every facet of their clocks, from wood selection to carving, is a process rooted in tradition.

August Schwer sources most of its materials from inside the Black Forest, and the region is also a traditional part of their overall clock designs. Most August Schwer clocks feature snippets of life from the very forest that inspires the clock maker’s everyday work. Chalet clocks will often depict woodland scenery, while the carved clocks focus on painstakingly accurate woodcarvings from wood selected from the Black Forest.

In 2000 the company was taken over by long time employee, Andy Winter. The company’s heritage of excellence is not lost on Winter, he has garnered many cuckoo clocks awards since taking over August Schwer.


they are known around the world for their premium cuckoo clocks that remain totally authentic to the Black Forest, complete with detailed carvings and decorations.

The clock factory is present in Schönwald and has frequently produced the Black Forest Clock of the Year, an award they won as recently as 2015.

Everything is always done with extreme precision

This company remains authentic in terms of their production materials as well, only using wood and metal from the Black Forest itself. Only on rare occasion will they use raw materials from outside of the Black Forest.

Clockmakers here are completely dedicated to their craft, pouring an enormous amount of attention into the details of their clocks.

Whether it is a Chalet clock with forest scenery or a carved clock with plenty of carved figures,

…everything is always done with extreme precision.

If you are looking for a truly authentic Black Forest clock, you can’t go wrong by selecting an August Schwer clock.

The factory is currently run by Andreas Winter, who worked in the factory for decades before taking over the job.